Sunday, April 20, 2008

A Beacon Time Capsule - April 20-26

A brief look at where this blog has been:

Haley and her nephews as Mario characters

A year ago, I was blogging about:
  • That elusive chemistry -- a link to an article about what makes for good chemistry in fictional characters.

    Two years ago, I was blogging about:
  • A forte for comedy? and What's next? -- Where I discover that, in my acting class, some people think I'm funny, then I try to figure out what my next step will be. Spoiler: I haven't yet, two years later, signed up for another acting class.

  • A place to collaborate and Playing with the PBWiki -- I discover a site called PBWiki and try to use it to collaborate on a writing project. Spoiler: Ultimately, we didn't use the site to its potential.

  • Romance appreciation -- About my writers group's annual dinner to network with booksellers and librarians.

  • Contests update and Keeping the Golden Heart in perspective -- Where I talk about some of my results in some romance-writing contests.

  • I just don't get it -- Musings on my first experiences using MySpace, and why I chose to cancel my account there. Spoiler: I end up opening a new one because I do, ultimately, figure out a use for the site.

  • Cute overload! -- A link to a site with really cute dog and cat photos.

  • I'm watching you -- My first reactions to using SiteMeter to track website traffic, and for some reason I try to scare off all my readers with ominous-sounding threats. As a random update: I don't know why, but I stopped getting hits based on the "Next Blog" button on the Blogger NavBar. Anyone else notice that too? Does no one use the "Next Blog" feature anymore or did I somehow blacklist myself?

  • Mario Kart Racing -- Where I go out and have some fun with my nephews.

  • Mini fantasies -- Where I contemplate how I can stuff two big Bernese Mountain Dogs into the back of a little, ity-bity car.

  • Prior to that:
    This blog didn't yet exist, and I haven't back-posted anything that qualifies.

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