Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Mini fantasies

I love my car. It's cute. It's curvy. And it's yellow. But I don't love its gas mileage.

Lately, I've been finding myself fantasizing about another car. Cute and fast, and small but roomy.

The Mini Cooper. I've even gone so far as to visit the manufacturer's web site, which is a big deal, because, really, I'm not all that interested in cars.

But why the Mini? I'm not sure. I just know that in 1980, we went to visit family in Australia. I remember arriving in Adelaide and being picked up at the airport by my cousin. Four full-size people (I was really tall for sixth grade!) climbed into a Mini to drive home. We had out-of-state license plates (Queensland, perhaps?), and people in other cars looked at us like we were crazy. Surprisingly, the ride wasn't uncomfortable. I remember the car being called a "Morris Mini", which appears to be even smaller than the Mini Cooper.

When I was looking at the Mini USA website, I had a moment of serendipity. The description of the storage space in the "boot" says this: "The Low Down: Plenty of room to hold all the luggage you should ever really need or a week's camping gear ... or your Bernese Mtn. Dog and his bag of food or whatever else you want to bring along for the ride."

It was almost as if the site were talking directly to me. LOL. How about two Bernese Mountain Dogs? (See my Muses)

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