Saturday, April 22, 2006

A place to collaborate

I'm playing with something new. Found it through a link on Yahoo. It's called the PBWiki.

Have you ever visited Wikipedia? It's an online encyclopedia that anyone can edit and contribute to. Wikipedia runs on a type of software called a wiki.

PBWiki (peanut butter wiki) allows anyone to create their own wiki website. It can be opened up so that anyone can edit it, or it can be password protected so only a select few can. Even more, it can be open to the public to view, or password protected so only people you invite can view it.

It's promoted with the idea that it can be used for collaborations: friends collaborating on a vacation, a family collaborating on a genealogy, colleagues collaborating on a work project.

On the website tour, it even shows the example of writers collaborating on a story.

I wonder if my cowriters on a certain project would be interested in trying to use it? Not to publish the story online, but as a password-protected tool to collect our background information and rough scenes.

I wonder if my family might want to try using it to plan our reunion in Australia next year?

I'll have to investigate further.

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