Wednesday, April 25, 2007

That elusive chemistry

"In reality, when two people are hot for each other, they get together fast, and then the complications come afterward."
That looks really weird taken out of context. I'll explain.

Lost-Media (a Lost fan-site) had a link to this article: Chemistry: Pairing characters is tricky business about creating and maintaining chemistry on television shows.

It's a quick look at some of the lessons learned over the years from some of televisions most classic romances, with examples from Moonlighting, X-Files and Cheers to Gilmore Girls and Gray's Anatomy.

Of all the quotes in the story, that one really struck me, because it's what tends to happen in a lot of romance novels. It's pretty much a partial definition of a single-title romance novel. Just add the "fall in love" part, "overcome those complications" part, and the "live happily ever after" part.

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