Tuesday, April 22, 2008

A Steamy Romance Novel

Screen print of A Steamy Romance Novel in World of WarcraftMy DH's rogue, Ghidoraah, found this as a world drop on World of Warcraft and sent this in-game to Lasaire, my hunter.

Lasaire found it humorous, but was disappointed in the ending.

Being a romance novel and all, I had to share it.

Screen print of A Steamy Romance Novel in World of Warcraft


  1. Excellent! I'm sure there are plenty of novels on the market with a similar plot, too...

  2. So is there another step to this quest?

    lol, very good.

  3. @Catherine -- This story has far more problems than plot: point of view is all over the place, floating body parts, a clueless hero. All that in less than 150 words. I do like the heroine's dialog, though, which leads me to Tam's comment.

    @Tam -- "Is there another step to this quest?" Apparently not, since another step in the quest chain would have advanced the plot. :P


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