Tuesday, April 25, 2006

I'm watching you

I've been using Sitemeter to track visits to this site. It's been interesting to see who stops in.

All I see is the domain name (such as Comcast or Wideopenwest, etc), how long you were here, how many pages you viewed, what page you came in on, what page you left for, and what you may have searched on Google (or elsewhere) to find me.

A few people have found me by searching for "haley hughes", although it seems like I'm not the "haley hughes" they're looking for. Several people found me through blog searches for "PBWiki". A few came in on more obscure searches, such as the person looking for "split the sheet" plus "marriage" on Google. That search found me because I had a page that mentioned an acting class tongue twister and my parents marriage. It made me curious, though, what the connection might be between the two. I did the search myself and didn't come up with anything. Let me know if you do.

Several people visit because they hit the "Next Blog" button (see the upper right corner of this page to find the button). It's an interesting exercise that I do sometimes myself, just to see what comes up. These random hits only seem to happen right after I publish a new entry.

When I see someone visit who spends a little while and actually looks at several pages, I figure it's someone I know. It's fun to then try to figure out who it might be. If it's you, don't be shy about posting comments. It's nice to know that people are out there.

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