Thursday, April 27, 2006

What's next?

Acting for non-actors is over. If you haven't noticed yet, I really enjoyed the class (see Forte for comedy? and Surprisingly fun) . The exercises, while scary at times, were entertaining, and the people were a blast. (I'd even met one of them many years before when I was a reporter and he worked for one of my school districts.)

The whole experience certainly was a confidence booster. In fact, the instructor told me at the end of the class tonight that I was good and ought to consider going for auditions. I'm not so sure I'm up for that -- it wasn't my goal in taking the class in the first place -- but I might take the class again in the fall. Anyone want to take it with me? I highly recommend it.

There are no big stories to tell from tonight's class, but here's a new tongue-twister: Listless Mr. Smith dismissed his Christmas mistress. Try to say that one without sounding like a hissing snake.

Now that the class is over, and it's almost May, I need to start looking for a new challenge that pushes me. It might be time to learn how to drive a manual transmission. (Honey, did you read that? I might be ready to learn how to drive your car...)

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