Sunday, April 27, 2008

A Beacon Time Capsule -- April 27-May 3

A brief look at where this blog has been:

The lawn in a half-mowed condition

A year ago, I was blogging about:
  • Why write a novel? That's a good question... -- A link to a BBC Magazine story about why people feel compelled to write novels, even though the odds are decidedly stacked against that novel even getting completed, let alone published.

  • Two years ago, I was blogging about:
  • Funny Mike -- Where I see a former co-worker, Mike Siegel, on television and wonder what ever happened to him.
  • Lofty ambitions -- Where I pledge to take the stairs more often, which lasted for the whole summer.
  • Why blog? -- Where I try to explain to my family what a blog is and why I'd want to write one.
  • Contests update 2 -- Where I try to digest some feedback from a romance writing contest.
  • Lawn-mowing woes, The lawn continues to grow, and Mission accomplished -- About my adventures trying to remember how to mow a lawn.

  • Prior to that:
    This blog didn't yet exist, and I haven't back-posted anything that qualifies.

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