Monday, April 28, 2008

Life: Can we get on with spring now?

The corner supports of our old gazeboYard work and more yard work. That's pretty much all we did all weekend.

We hauled landscaping bricks, mowed the front lawn, pulled weeds, moved rocks. We took down our old, broken gazebo and started to assemble a new one.

We're waiting for the weather to break so some new landscaping can go in, but Mother Nature decided to assert her authority today and prove that winter isn't quite over yet. For about 20 minutes this afternoon, it snowed.

Yeah, yeah, yeah. Point proven. Can we get on with spring now?


New gazebo partly assembled


  1. I love your backyard! :-) It's so green!!

  2. @Lisa365 -- Thanks! It is rather green right now. The rain probably makes it look even greener.

  3. Spring is kind of starting in the Pacific Northwest. It's certainly a lot warmer. Hoping it keeps up.

    2008 was supposed to be a cold year. And looks like they were right. Sigh.

  4. I've been quite amazed at how much snow we've gotten this late into Spring in Utah. It is a rare year when we see the weather fight so long to stay cold. I wonder if this means we have a summer of thunder showers ahead of us. I could only hope so, I do love thunder and lightning.


  5. Beautiful yard. We are ready for planting as well.

  6. Nice backyard. I think the grass looks greener over the fence though...

  7. @Arachne -- I'll bet spring is gorgeous in the Pacific Northwest. And in a few months, when things get hot, we'll be looking back on these cooler temperatures with envy. At least I know I will. :)

    @Brady -- I love a good thunder storm, especially when they're all drama.

    @The Hunter's Wife -- Thanks. We got the planting done yesterday. Now I'm eager to see it all bloom and grow.

    @Periapex -- Isn't that always the case? They must use a lot of chemicals on their lawn. :)


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