Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Lawn-mowing woes

This year, I'm mowing the lawn myself. For the past few years, ever since we've lived in a house with a lawn, we've hired others to do it. But, I'd like to try doing it myself. Saving a little money while getting a workout are bonuses.

So far, I'm off to a swimming start.

It took us a while to actually get the mower, and in the meantime, the lawn was getting long. I mean, embarrassingly long. I finally got the mower on Saturday. Right when it started to rain. Which continued through Sunday and into Monday.

When I got home Monday night, I decided it was dry enough to attempt the front yard. I filled the gas can at the gas station. I filled the mower. I started the mower. I did the side and the parkway first. Things were going well.

Then, I attempted the main part of the front yard. On the third swipe, I killed the mower. It just seemed to choke on all that grass. Then the cord wouldn't pull. It was locked in place. With no clue what to do next, I called it a night. It was almost dark anyway.

So now my lawn is totally overgrown, with a mowed stripe down the middle. As if I wasn't embarrassed before.

I'm going to research what might be wrong with the mower. In the meantime, I've left a message with last year's lawn service hoping they can schedule me for a one-time visit this week. I hope they're not too behind because of the immigration rally today. We'll see.

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