Sunday, April 13, 2008

A Beacon Time Capsule - April 13-19

A brief look at where this blog has been:

A year ago, I was blogging about:
I was on a blogging hiatus.

Two years ago, I was blogging about:
  • Acting class = surprisingly fun -- about my attempt to shake things up in my life by taking an acting class.

  • 'Shout out for my homiez' -- my first attempt at link love.

  • Dead trees with print on them? -- about the future of newspapers.

  • Family outing and Parking (?) at the outlet mall -- about an excursion with my mother and sister.

  • Remembering the Great Quake -- about the anniversary of the San Francisco Earthquake.

  • Prior to that:
    This blog didn't yet exist, but I back-posted an article from April 13, 2004, titled Frustration with contests, about my results in a love-scene writing contest.

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