Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Parking (?) at the outlet mall

On Saturday we planned to go shopping at the Chicago Premium Outlets in Aurora. What we didn't take into account was that it was a gorgeous mid-70 degree day in the middle of what for many was a long Easter weekend.

The outlet mall parking lot was full. I mean, we drove around for at least 15 minutes and could not find a single open space anywhere. Sure, there were people coming and going, but there were so many cars looking for spaces, finding a place to park was going to be a matter of patience, luck and perseverance.

Since we were starving, we left to get lunch.

When we returned to the outlet mall two hours later, the parking situation was even worse. Not only were the lots full, but now a row of cars was parked along the entire perimeter drive and down some of the feeder drives. It was crazy. I've never seen Woodfield nearly as bad.

After another 15 minutes of looking, we decided we'd rather spend our money elsewhere, so drove off to the Fox Valley mall area in nearby Naperville and hit the Crate & Barrel outlet there.

How can any mall ever get built with such inadequate parking?

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