Friday, April 14, 2006

'Shout out for my homiez'

A friend of mine, Don M.F.H., did a "Shout out for my homiez" on his blog a few months ago, and now I feel the need to reciprocate.

A shout-out for friends who need to update their personal sites WAY MORE OFTEN:

Wilko's Blog
Wook's Place
Where-RV-Now? Teresa and Sterling on the Road

A shout-out for friends promoting their careers:

Stan Emmert (looking for a graphic artist or a personal trainer, or to discover some new music?)
Don Hammontree (looking to discover some new music?)
Jerilyn Willin (looking for an organizational consultant or career coaching?)
Greater Heights Learning (in the Chicago suburbs and need a tutor?)
A shout-out for romance-author friends:

Lindsay Longford
Cathie Linz
Kelle Riley
Susan Elizabeth Phillips

Did I miss one of my friends? Oops. Let me know and I'll happily update.

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