Friday, April 18, 2008

At Large: That photo again!

Haley and JC at Paintbrush Ball 6-2-07Several weeks ago I wondered why this photo kept leading people to my site because it keeps showing up in my SiteMeter report. It seems that people are finding it through Google image searches.

It's a low-quality, unflattering photo, I think, but the consensus among a few of you readers was that it was all about the *ahem* the cleavage.

Imagine my puzzlement yesterday when I saw the photo again in my SiteMeter report. This time it had the search phrase "fighter pilot helmet" attached with it. Fighter pilot helmet?

So, I went to Google images and did a search for "fighter pilot helmet" myself, and what did I find? My photo on page 8 of the search results.

that same photo again

And why was it associated with a "fighter pilot helmet"? Because the event I was blogging about in relation to the photo involved a raffle for a fighter pilot for a day prize! And on the same page is a story that my nephew wrote about The Super Flying Screaming Monkey vs. Godzilla, which mentions a helmet.

Ironically, the photo that goes with The Super Flying Screaming Monkey vs. Godzilla post is also one of my most searched for images. Go figure.


  1. Anonymous4/19/2008

    You can't blame the googlers though. What gender of interneter would be looking for a fighter pilot helmet? My guess is male. Imagine being pleasantly surprised with cleavage when google comes back with its results.

    How can you not help but click?

  2. @Periapex -- I guess if I were Googling fighter pilot helmet and saw a photo like that come up, I might click on it just to see how it's relevant.

    @Lisa -- I know! That's why I keep writing about it. I'll stop now. I promise. :P

  3. Anonymous4/25/2008

    thats too funny!


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