Friday, June 22, 2007

The Super Flying Screaming Monkey vs. Godzilla

Have you ever seen or heard a Super Flying Screaming Monkey? It's a stuffed monkey wearing a super hero cape and mask who has a sling shot for arms. When you shoot him across the room, he lets out an ear-piercing scream. Extremely hilarous the first few times. Annoying as all get-out every time after that.

In April, my sister sent me this story that my then-first-grade nephew "Louis" wrote and my other nephew "Drake" typed in.

The Super Flying Screaming Monkey vs. Godzilla

Once there lived the Super Flying Screaming Monkey. He is annoying because he screams in everyone’s face.

One day, he looked outside and saw … Godzilla! Godzilla was terrorizing the city! So he said “This looks like a job for … The Super Flying Screaming Monkey!” He puts on his helmet and cape and dashes out the door. Then he flies through the air and hits Godzilla in the face. After that the monkey starts screaming. Godzilla couldn’t stand the ruckus, so he fled from the city, cupping his hands over his ears. Godzilla was never to be heard from again. The Super Flying Screaming Monkey saves the day!

Maybe "Louis" realized it and maybe he didn't, but when you put the King of Monsters in a story and make him lose, that will get a reaction from the uber-Godzilla fan in the family.

So, on a trip to the mall, we purchased a few Super Flying Screaming Monkeys and that uber-Godzilla fan set to work on the sequel ...

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