Monday, December 14, 2009

Xander's gift guide

Xander is only 4 months old and has tried out a very limited number of toys, but he does have some favorites. If Xander were to write a Christmas gift guide, there are four things in these photos that he would definitely include.

First, his absolute most favorite toy, the Playskool Lullaby Gloworm. The first time the glow worm's face lit up, Xander was fascinated. It's our go-to toy in times of stress. Press its belly and its face lights up as it plays a song, such as Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star. If I knew anyone having a baby right now, I would definitely be giving the baby a Gloworm.

Second, the Lamaze Octotunes. Each one of its eight legs is a horn. But it's the face that fascinates Xander the most. I've heard him babble to the Octotunes from across the room. He just really loves the face. The horns are nice to give the adults something to do while playing with Xander.

Third, the Bumbo Baby Sitter. It was a gift from our good friends who have a baby just two months older. Xander was instant smiles when he first sat in it. The chair supports him so that he can sit upright, which he's eager to do, but not ready to do without support.

Fourth, the Barnyard Dance! book by Sandra Boynton. "With a neigh and a moo and a cockadoodle do, everyone promenade two by two." Dave loves to read this to Xander, and Xander seems to really enjoy the rhythms of the language. A fun book.

Disclaimer: These are genuine, unsolicited endorsements. No freebies here, unless you count the fact that they were all gifts to Xander from his various aunties and uncles. Also, the links do have my Amazon Associates ID in them, so if you follow them and then buy something on Amazon, I might earn a few pennies for referring you, not that I've ever made any money yet being an Associate.

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