Sunday, December 13, 2009

Hey, this is kind of comfy

I have all sorts of (what I think are) cute photos to share, and I'm way behind. So, fair warning, there are a lot of kid (and some dog) photos coming in the next week.

First up:

Xander and Thor

Loki is our social dog. She loves people. Everyone thinks she is the one that should be most attentive to the baby. In reality, Loki isn't all that intrigued yet. It's our shy dog Thor who is the nurse maid. He likes to follow us around, and will often be found sleeping near Xander. Perhaps he knows it's the safest place to be because we'd never let anything happen to Xander. Perhaps.

Here's Thor and Xander having some totally staged lounge time together. It looks like Xander is enjoying Thor's soft fur, but he didn't seem to really care at the time. He was all eyes for Dad, whose hand you can see at the bottom right.

I can't wait for the baby and the dogs to start to truly interact. Xander is paying more attention to them all the time. Soon, I hope.

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