Wednesday, November 19, 2008


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When I was out shooting some photos at a park last week, it was raining. At the edge of a sheltered picnic area, some tables were getting dripped on, creating pretty splashes. I had my camera set to take continuous photos, so I pointed in the direction of the raindrops and took a couple dozen photos -- *click* *click* *click* -- all in succession.

Three of the photos actually captured the splash of the falling droplets. This is my favorite, even though the splash is off to the side. I want to try this again someday and see if I can capture the water with even more clarity.

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  1. Nice shot in what looks like tough lighting. It looks like of of those shots that need high shutter speed and narrow aperture. You hit upon one the most important things in photography -- taking a lot of pictures so you can choose just the right one.

  2. Love the sharpness and blured background makes it a great photo.


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  3. Really really good Haley. You got the shot at just the perfect moment. Wow it's fabulous!!

  4. @Cromely -- Right. It's not like I'm wasting film. It's just pixels and 1s and 0s. :) It drives me nuts when my mother-in-law is taking photos of the nieces and nephews and she'll try to pose the perfect photo, and lose other fantastic photos because the kids get impatient with her.

    @Daisy -- Thank you! I can't wait to try it again next time it rains.

    @Brian -- Thanks!

    @Shinade -- Thank you! I won't turn down a "fabulous". :)

  5. Great shot! It's lotsa fun isn't..capturing water droplets :)

  6. @My Bug Life -- It is fun. :)

  7. I agree, I really like this capture too!

  8. @fragileheart -- Thanks! (Did you notice I'm trying to reply to comments in a timely manner for a change?)

  9. You captured it well!! Love the way it sprays up!

  10. Are you going for the Bokeh effect here, or did it just turn good like this?

  11. @kml -- Thanks! I caught more detail than I expected I would.

    @Rudy -- I wasn't purposefully going for the effect, but I was happy it showed up. Happy accidents are good. :)


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