Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Wordless Wednesday: Croc bait


  1. That is funny and creative!

  2. Ahhhh Haley! There's a giant Crocodile about to eat you watch out! hehehehe nice shot... though you don't look that scared. Guess you're as bad an actor as I am (at least according to my bf lol)

  3. Run! Run! Fast as you can!

  4. @The Hunter's Wife -- Just some vacation silliness. My nephews did it first. :)

    @Fragileheart -- You've heard of method acting, right? I was trying out the bad method. Either that or I was trying to lick his tooth. Not sure. LOL

    @Daisy -- It's too late! He's got me! I'm dooooooomed!


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