Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Pondering in Pink

To see this photo in a larger size, click here.

My niece Kelly celebrated her fifth birthday over the weekend at a joint party with her little sister Kayla, who turned 1. It amuses me that when I see Kelly and both her sisters, they're always dressed in some shade of pink, and it's not their mother's doing. The girls just love pink. From what I hear, Kelly is now very picky about her clothes and insists on choosing them herself. The sweater she's wearing here, she picked out online.

I'm participating in ABC Wednesday today with the letter P.
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  1. Hayley, this is a beautiful shot and your niece looks great! Girls like their pinks :)

    Have a great weekend!

  2. She is gorgeous! I love her expression :)

  3. Pink is a perfect P! And a sweet model to illustrate it. I've a special affinity lately for pink--I wear it to train and to walk for Breast Cancer.

  4. What a lovely shot of a lovely girl soon to be a girl who will break so many hearts!

    By the way, maybe you would like to join my bloggy anniversary giveaway :)



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