Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Wordless Wednesday: Opps!

Two of my nieces had a combined birthday party last weekend. Kelly celebrated her fifth birthday, while her little sister Kayla celebrated her first.

At right, Kayla manages to frost her footsies while posing for photos, and below, Kelly drops her piece of cake on the floor. Opps!

(And notice how I maintained journalistic integrity and didn't interfere in either situation? I just kept clicking. LOL)


  1. I would totally crawl under a chair for a piece of cake. And it matters not that it's been on the floor. I'm not too discriminating when it comes to cake. What cuties!

  2. You have gorgeous nieces, I have gorgeous nephews!

    Thats were I normally eat cake....

  3. Stuff from the floor tastes even betterer! Your nieces are cuties.

  4. FLOOR CAKE ROCKS! Never come between a little one and their floor picked the right "pill" Haley. (Please tell me you got that reference...or I'm just a big movie geek and should back out in shame)

  5. @Kathy -- If it were the only piece of cake available to me, and a really good, moist chocolate cake with buttercream frosting, then I would so totally debate how clean the floor was and consider eating it too.

    @Claire -- Thanks! And I agree, your nephews are gorgeous. And I can't wait until you get to the part of your classes where you get to analyze eating cake off the floor. :)

    @Daisy -- When food is on the floor, it's usually not intended to be eaten, and that's why it's so good, but you have to eat it really fast, before people can stop you.

    @Karina -- Did I take the red pill and see the harsh reality of life, that sometimes you have to eat cake off the floor, or did I take the blue pill and I'm choosing to remain blissfully ignorant of the inherent health risks of eating cake off the floor? LOL. The Matrix. How could I not get the reference? :P


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