Monday, December 01, 2008

Ideas for totally random gift giving, Part 1

Where I shamelessly plug items that friends are selling, and other random things that strike my fancy (because this is my blog -- and I can).

Part 1 -- Items that are just for fun or a little bit artsy

The All-World Monster map from Big Stick Inc. "Nobody ever dared to chart the native regions of the earth's most fearsome monsters until BigStick." The map's Godzilla is just a fire-breathing T-Rex, but I can forgive that. I love the idea. (Poster only: $25)

Daisy the Curly Cat merchandise, featuring the blogosphere's own Daisy the Curly Cat, because it will make you happy. It makes me happy. (Magnet: $5.49)

The Buddha Board. Use water to paint on this slate-like board, then watch the image slowly fade and dry. Forces you to realize that nothing is permanent. Can be a great way to get the creative energy flowing. Fun to keep on the kitchen counter, by your desk, or where people congregate. ($30)

Notecards from Heatherby Designs. "Elegance in every envelope." Specializing in macro photography of food. Prints are available also. (Notecards: $18)

An original piece of art from Kelly Naylor, aka Aerten, a fabulously talented artist and blogger. This is one of her encaustic images, which was painted using wax and has much more depth in person. Looks like chocolate to me. (This piece: $85)

An original print by Waterstone Photography, aka Lisa Morris-Murry, aka Lisa365, another fabulously talented fellow blogger. I love the colors in this piece. ($15)

Jewelry, bookmarks and gifts for "Twilighters", aka people who love the Twilight books and movie. These items are made by Heather Weaver, aka Geek Mom. I think this bookmark is gorgeous, but there are also some pretty sweet T-shirts. (Bookmark: $7.99)

Coming soon: Food and Book gift ideas.


  1. Mmmm. Chocolate. I don't like chocolate and even *I* want to take it off the wall and much on it sometimes. I've been wanting a Buddha board for a couple of years now. Maybe this year, Mr. Aerten will get me one. :) And I think a magnet of Daisy on my fridge would be outstanding!

    Thanks for the link!

  2. You are awesome. You define awesome!!

    Thanks Haley!!! :D

  3. OH WOW! Thanks for including my link! I am smiling real big now!

  4. I love that Buddha Board! I think it would be great for my kids, too. My daughter (3, almost 4) loves to paint, and this is less messy. :-)

  5. OMG those are all great ideas! Haley, you've beaten me to this - I was totally going to do something like this but *sigh* I'm only doing my top visitors post now!! :(

  6. Haley, you are going to have to get a commission for being part of the Budda Board sales team!

    And now I want chocolate too....sigh.

  7. What a nice thing to do, shows there is a lot of talent out there for sure.

  8. What a great post! I know about some of these talented artists, but I discovered a few new ones. LOVE the monster map. LOVE Aerten art. And of course, who doesn't love Daisy. I'm gettin' some of those magnets!


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