Monday, December 01, 2008

Creative Photography gets Reflective

To see this photo in a larger size, click here.

The day that I took this photo, the conditions were so dreary, that the original photo already had a monochrome cast to it. So, I made the monochrome official by converting it to greyscale, then cropped it a little bit.

I like the way this photo has an almost 50/50 split, but yet the shoreline is coming in at a slight angle.

I dislike the hotel and power lines in the photo, but like that they're not reflected in the water, which makes it seem like two different worlds -- the real and the dreamy.


  1. Oh Haley I risked the download and it was worth it. This is fantastic!! I love the creative touch.

    Have a great day tomorrow I am headed to bed.:-)

  2. I love the contrast in this picture and you hardly notice the hotel and power lines at all as your eye is drawn more to the water and the trees. Very nice!

  3. I thought the house added a lovely perspective in the background and I didn't notice the power lines

    the reflection is stunning

    and the tallness of the photo makes it even more wonderful

  4. I love it! I hit f11 on my keyboard to get the big view but wow! Nice job!

  5. Well, I think that you did a fabulous job. I'd love to lay a blanket right there in that spot under the tree. See it? Yup, right there. Then, I'd pull out my current reading material and thoroughly enjoy myself! Very nice shot!!!
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