Monday, December 01, 2008

A moment in the life of this blog and some linky love

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Wow, the first of the month really snuck up on me this time.

My top EntreCard droppers over the last 31 days are the following. Thank you to each and every one of you.
WindMill on the Hill
Foodie, Travel and Shutter Bug
The Junk Drawer
Photography by KML
Cromely's World
The Half-Life of Linoleum
Montana Moods
Blackholes and Astrostuff
Through the Lens
My top commenters on this site are the following. Thank you for keeping the discussion going. I appreciate every word you leave for me.
1. My Bug Life (27)
2. fragileheart (16)
3. Shinade (12)
4. Daisy (10)
5. Digital Polaroids (7)
6. Bob Johnson (7)
7. earthlingorgeous (6)
8. kml (6)
9. Lisa (4)
10. Bear Naked (4)
Other Miscellaneous blog stuff
Since I started this blog on Sept. 16, 2008 this site has had:
Total Number of Posts: 50
Unique Visits (Sitemeter): 2,768
Unique Visits (Google Analytics): 3,084
Pageviews (Sitemeter): 3,608
Pageviews (Google Analytics): 4,314
Number of Google Followers: 13
My 10 most popular posts so far are the following:
Red-hot glare
A clear day
Creative Photography gone Askew
Balloon Watch
Sky gazing
A city of neighborhoods
November Rain
O is for.. bOkeh visiOns
King of Autumn
Also in the past month, I added an Amazon Associate box to the bottom of the page featuring popular photography-related items, plus I added a Google Ads box in the lower right corner, and am hoping it sticks to photography topics. I'm not expecting much from these ad widgets, but since I was already signed up with my other blog, I thought I'd put them on the page.


  1. Very cool post! And more link love, yay! :-)

    ps I haven't decided what "365" project to do next... perhaps I should write a post about it to generate ideas! :-)

  2. Hey, thanks for the mention!!


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