Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Wordless Wednesday: Rita

Once again, I'm not so Wordless about my selection this week. Here's another photo from my recent trip to San Francisco.

This photo features my colleagues Sherry Weddle and Jennifer Greene from my Windy City romance writers group. In the photo, they're talking about the Rita award that Greene won from Romance Writers of America. The Rita award is given by members of RWA for outstanding work and is one of the highest honors. Greene won the award for “Born in My Heart”, a novella she wrote for the Harlequin anthology Like Mother, Like Daughter.

Greene's acceptance speech was the best of the night, literally bringing people to tears. I hope I'm remembering the details correctly. Here's the quick version: The novella was published to coincide with Mother's Day. Her own mother was in the hospital and asked her to read the story out loud to her. When she finished, her mother told her how proud she was. Two weeks later, her mother died.

Click here for more on the books nominated for Rita awards this year and for a list of the winners.

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  1. Since I hate to see something go by without a comment, I'm adding one. Isn't it cool the way the Rita looks like an Oscar statuette?


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