Friday, August 15, 2008

Skywatch Friday: At the Races

Planning a day at Arlington Park Racetrack today to celebrate my husband's birthday. We got there early to buy the boxseat tickets. Looks like it will be a gorgeous day.

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  1. That's a nifty composition. Very creative and a unique contribution to SWF! Thank you for sharing!
    Cheers, Klaus

  2. Anonymous8/15/2008

    Wow. Is that an airplane way up there? Nice photography.


  3. Haley: what a wonderful capture of the gull over the race track.

  4. Did you win? At least it was a winning day. My pictures are of a mackerel sky before the storm. I invite you to come see. - Margy

  5. trotter or pacer??? I haven't seen the ponies run for years.

    When you get some free time pop on over and the coffee is always on.

  6. @kjpweb -- Thanks!

    @Abraham Lincoln - Why, yes, that is an airplane. It took off from O'Hare Airport, which isn't too far from Arlington Park.

    @fishing guy -- Thanks! It's actually an airplane, but I can see how it looks like a gull, too.

    @Powell River Books -- I won a tiny bit. Just enough to keep me going, but not enough to cover my expenses.

    @peppylady -- Thoroughbreds. And we don't get out to the races often, so our learning curve is still steep. :)

  7. Beautiful photo of the racetrack! I lived in Arlington Heights and went to school at Mt Prospect! How fun for me to see my old stomping ground! I love the races! What fun! Hope you won!


  8. Nice view. I like the low clouds near the horizon.

  9. LOL I thought that was a plane! This is a great shot. What a clear beautiful sky :)

  10. Oh how I miss it up there. The sky is soooo blue and perfect.

    And oh, Happy Birthday Mr. Haley Hughes. :)

  11. @Kelly -- Isn't it fun to stumble on a familiar place on the Internet? We had a spectacular day. I won a few races, but not enough to cover my expenses. That's the price of my entertainment.

    @Louise -- Thanks. We couldn't have ordered up prettier skies if we'd tried that day.

    @fragileheart -- There were lots of planes overhead that day. The track is just close enough to one of the world's busiest airports that you see a lot of them, but far enough away that the noise wasn't an issue.

    @Monique -- Mr. Haley Hughes thanks you. :) And you know we'll welcome you back up here any time, just say the word. Are you here yet?


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