Tuesday, August 12, 2008

A Ruby Tuesday update

I've never participated in Ruby Tuesday before. Looking at my Flickr photostream, I realize that I don't really take a lot of photos of things that are Red or Ruby. I don't know why, because I love the color red. All you have to do is look at the color scheme of this blog to know that.

So why Ruby Tuesday this week? Because I couldn't stand to see this blog update from Wordless Wednesday to Wordless Wednesday without a post in between.

And until I get this current fiction project I'm writing polished and out the door, photo posts like Ruby Tuesday and Wordless Wednesday are all I'm allowing myself. Call it channeling my creative writing energies. I'm working really hard on the spit and polish. I hope to have a non-photo post explaining it soon.

Meanwhile, click here for more about Ruby Tuesday and to see other Ruby Tuesday participants.

Oh, and in case you're wondering, these photos were taken in my garden. They're just some simple knockout roses, but I have the hardest time photographing them. Their color comes across as so incredibly vivid in some photos, it hurts my eyes. :)


  1. Love the frame on this :)

  2. I noticed Ruby Tuesday on another blog tonight too. I love red. Next week (if I don't get too busy or forget about it) I want to do Ruby Tuesday too. You have great roses. I love some of the colours roses have. Creamy ones are often just as gorgeous as the more famous red ones.

  3. Wow those roses are so bright... they're not helping my hurting eyeballs right now. LOL But I can still tell they're gorgeous! Sending you creative juices for your current project Haley :)

  4. @crpitt -- Thanks. I was having fun trying to make them look more artsy.

    @Laura -- I first noticed Mo doing Ruby Tuesday. I'd have to put in some real effort to come up with decent red photos on a weekly basis, but it might be fun to do every once in a while. I agree that creamy colored roses can be really gorgeous, especially cut and in a vase, but in the garden, the red really gives a pop.

    @fragileheart -- Your eyeballs still hurt? :( Thanks for the creative juices. I'll be putting them to good use.


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