Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Wordless Wednesday: Balderdash

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  1. Oh how we love to play Baldersash at my house. I wonder what that says about us as a family?

    Have a great day.

  2. @Vixen -- It's a good way to identify who in your family is the best bluffer. You know to keep an extra sharp eye out for them.

  3. Is that a butterfly ring? How pretty!

  4. @Dirty Laundry Diva -- Why, yes, that's what it looks like. Makes a nice ring, doesn't it?

  5. Okay forget balderdash, I wants the jewellery!

  6. Anonymous7/16/2008


    Ahem. Sorry. So, after our Buffy Fest, we'll consume tasty beverages and play Balderdash. Talk of WoW, however, will be limited to 10 minutes per hour. Of course, since you're not in the same guild as Mr. Aerten, he might not think he has to talk about it for 59 minutes out of every hour. LOL

  7. Is that a butterfly ring???? If so, where did it come from? How can I get one!?!?!

  8. Anonymous7/16/2008

    Happy Blogoversary! Love the pic, looks like fun!

  9. Hi Guys,
    Please welcome my ignorance. I have been seeing this wordless Wednesday stuff but never thought it important to find out what it is all about. I do admit that is a very bad attitude, so I guess I will be visiting now.

  10. Anonymous7/19/2008

    I got the butterfly ring from California on the beach. I heard that Avon sells one but I have never seen it.

  11. @Claire -- I like it too! See ambuler20's comment below.

    @Kelly -- We've got so much planned for this Buffy Fest, we really need to make it happen. I have to convince the husband that it's not weird blogger stuff first. He just doesn't get it. LOL

    @Monique -- So many of you are commenting on the ring, I got Amber to visit and give more detail about it herself. See her comment below.

    @AZBlogging -- I had a hard time explaining it to my husband also. It's one of the those community events. Post a photo every Wednesday (no words required), then go and visit everyone else's photo and leave comments. It drives traffic, gives you a chance to explore new blogs, and is a nice all-around way to break up the blogging week.

    @ambuler20 -- Thanks for stopping by, Amber. You jewelry has been very popular.


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