Thursday, July 17, 2008

Doodle Vacation

Here's me in San Francisco in two weeks at the Romance Writers of America conference. (Although my roommate is in the hospital right now. :-( Hope she's OK enough to go with me.)  And, yes, I'm being optimistic about the weather. I know to pack plenty of layers.

This doodle was more of a technical challenge for me because I had to actually *draw* in the Paint Shop Pro program. So much easier to do something graphic.

Below is the collage of the Garden doodles made by my coworkers yesterday.

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  1. Happy doodling. Enjoy SanFrancisco. Hope it is only a little raining.

  2. I love the mix of photo and doodle, hmmm I might try that :)

    I cant wait to read what you get up to there and hopefully Thor will be inspired :)

    Also hope room mate is on the mend.

  3. I like that mix of doodle & photography, very artsy :)

  4. @laura -- Thanks! It's not the rain so much this time of year, it's the fog and the cooler ocean air.

    @Claire -- Room mate is on the mend. It was a burst cyst. Very painful as it was happening, but something that the body absorbs. As for San Francisco, I hope to be posting a lot while I'm there. Writing topics and fun topics. We'll see.

    @Drowsey Monkey -- Thanks. I saw another doodler do the photo/doodle mix and thought it would be fun to try.


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