Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Doodle Garden

Today's doodle theme is Doodle Garden. For this collection of doodles, I used the preset shapes tool in Paint Shop Pro to lay down various flower shapes. Then I had fun modifying their colors and sizes. In the bottom middle one, I created a background using the picture tube tool. I used a flame shape and repeated it across the whole image, then used the color editing tools to make it green to resemble grass.

Below is the collage of doodles from my coworkers on yesterday's doodle theme of Outer Space. They could either hang premade doodles or draw on the white board. I took photos at the end of the day (and failed to notice my obtrusive flash reflection in some of the white board pics. Oh well).

Click here for more about Doodle Week and to find more Doodle Week participants.


  1. Some of those doodles are actually good, you have some potentially talented artists.
    YOU sure are handy with your computer and various software applications.
    Oh Yeah - thank you for the comments tip!!!

  2. I love it! If you keep this up, you might just inspire me to start doodling on the computer.

    And I see you have some Trekkies working with you. Excellent!

  3. @MamaFlo -- You're welcome for the tip. I love the fact that I don't have to leave a Blogger page in order to post a comment now. That drives me crazy. As for the software, I enjoying playing around. Probably too much. :)

    @Kelly -- Doodling is probably the best way to learn some of these applications. Sets the bar low. :) As for the Trekkies -- Yes. I've heard one too many Star Wars vs. Star Trek debates in my working life.

  4. Oh this looks complicated to me, but lovely.

    When they were going through the doodle week slide show they were very hypnotic :)

    I would love to pictures of the folks that doodle, to see if I could match them to their doodles :)

  5. @Claire -- I'll have to see if I can get a few photos of the doodlers. That's a good idea. No promises, though.

    Oh, and I was inspired by your collages to try putting my doodles into a collage myself.

  6. Those are truly wonderful. As designs they could be used by so many things. I may have to pick up paint pro.

  7. Oh very cute!! Nice how you got your coworkers involved! :-)

  8. @Jamie -- Thanks! It's good to have a quality paint-type program on your computer. I'm not sure if Paint Shop Pro is the best one to get now. My version is more than a few years old.

    @starbursidereus -- Thanks! I think Doodle at Work week was a success. Only a fraction of people were participating, but a lot of people were watching and seeming to enjoy it.


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