Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Life: I'm a card-carrying member...

... of the Bionic Woman Action Club.

Yes. Here's the evidence. I found it last night while sorting through some old papers.

Membership card in the Bionic Woman Action Club

I even have some autographed photos of Lindsay Wagner to prove my devotion, although the signatures are suspiciously mass-reproduced looking.

Now, if only I'd held onto my Bionic Woman action figure. :P


  1. How precious!
    Don't you love it when you uncover some great treasure from your past, it's like rediscovery.

  2. What fun! I love uncovering treasures from my past. And there are a ton of things I wish I had kept from childhood! Not just for the money (although it could be significant) but for... oh, okay it would be for the money! lol

    Happy WW! Join me if you can:

    Just Some Thoughts

  3. Hi Haley! Thanks for joining the Red Hot Drops, your site has been approved, have a great day! :)

  4. @MamaFlo -- It is! And I've saved a lot of those treasures. Too many. LOL.

    @Marsha -- I keep thinking I should sell more of my treasures, but then when I see how little they're actually worth and how much effort would go into finding them good homes, I usually decide they're worth more to me in sentimental value. Then I'm happy that I didn't hold on to more, because they take up too much space.

    @Mariuca -- Thanks for approving me for the list.

  5. Lindsay Wagner still looks good, after all these years!

  6. Blast from the past! I was a big fan of the show too!

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