Friday, February 29, 2008

Things I've discovered this week

It was a screw
Evidently, the slow leak in my tire was from a screw. The offending screw has been removed, the hole plugged and the tire re-inflated. I am now road safe again.

I won't self-combust in a church
It's been a long time, so I wasn't sure. But I survived my niece's baptism without incident. We'll see how I do next weekend, when my nephew is baptized. They're different churches, afterall -- one Catholic, the other Lutheran.

I've developed a photographic style
When I sent a link to Dave's cousin in Scotland to view the photos from the baptism (see above), this was part of her response: "Even if you hadn't sent them, I would have known you took them. Apart from the types of poses and the study of the architecture(!) - you aren't in them!!!" I confess, I do like windows.

We really need to buy a snow blower
This is our sixth winter in this house, and we haven't bought a snow blower yet. But there have been so many snow events this year, we're both sick of shoveling. The neighbor-kids all seem sick of shoveling, too. Nobody has been ringing our doorbell this year. That's probably for the best, though. At $20 a shot, we would have dished out a lot of money in snow removal this year -- enough to buy a snow blower.

Oolong means Black Dragon
Went to a tea tasting last night with Marriott and JC in the city. It was 90 minutes of standing around and tasting all sorts of teas: white, green, oolong and black. I usually like to sweeten my tea, but for the tasting we drank it straight up. My favorite was the sumatra oolong barisan, but I'm pretty certain that by the time we got to the darjeeling and assam teas, my pallet was shot. When I go again in two weeks, I'm bringing my own crackers and cold water. Oh, and making sure my camera battery is charged.

Stuff White People Like
I discovered this blog, Stuff White People Like, by way of a post on Beeker's Words. Too funny, and kind of embarrassing to see how many things fit. Like #13 Tea.

See the little icon next to this web address in the address bar of your browser? Apparently, that's a favicon. Anyway, I stumbled on an interesting post on Hello Mother, Hello Father about how to add a Favicon, and of course had to run out and do it myself. The hardest part was making something only 16 by 16 pixels that I liked. What do you think?


  1. Good job with the favicon...

  2. Ooolong, Jasmine and green are all wonderful chinese teas and you might want to try another variant - Tie Guan Yin or Iron Goddess of Mercy - which is another great chinese tea with lots of history behind it. I have also read somewhere that chinese teas are best taken without sugar and never on an empty stomach.

    And thank you very much for dropping by My Den and for the wonderful comment.

  3. beeker3/03/2008

    Thanks for stopping by my blog! I could not stop laughing at StuffWhitePeople Like. I had to send an email with a few of my own suggestions.

  4. @Ameloblast -- Thanks. It was a fun challenge.

    @My Den -- When I go back to the tea shop next week, I'll ask about the Tie Guan Yin. Thanks for the suggestion. (We'll have to see about the "without sugar" part. LOL)

    @Beeker -- You'll post if they use any of your suggestions, right?

  5. OK, so here is a #1 resolution / promise for my life - never live anywhere that would require or even suggest the purchase of a snow blower. Hey, make that even a snow shovel! No. I don't do cold.

  6. @Michael -- I totally understand about not wanting to live anyplace that requires one to own a snow shovel.

    I lived two winters in San Francisco and LOVED it. What was even better was that I could come stay with family in Chicago and "visit" winter for a week at a time, which made it even sweeter when I went back to San Francisco.

    Of course, living in San Francisco, I also found that I needed to "visit" summer with a trip to Las Vegas in July. San Francisco is cold in the summer.


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