Friday, May 15, 2009

Skies over Westminster

To see this photo in a larger size, click here.

I overlooked this photo on my first pass through my vacation photos, thinking it looked like just another snapshot of Westminster. When someone "favorited" it on Flickr, I took a second look. And then I noticed the sky behind Westminster. It almost has a painted-in look to it. Like it was done in watercolors or something. Very cool looking, I think.

I took this about two weeks ago from the London Eye, which is the giant Ferris wheel along the Thames. It's probably the only photo I took through the glass that doesn't show any random reflections.


  1. I think it's gorgeous and I'm so glad you posted it so we could see it! The sky does have a rather painted-in look to it - lovely!

  2. Beautiful picture!

    Beautiful blog too! I just voted for you in Blogger's Choice '09! Good luck! :)

    And I don't mean to spam you, but if you get a chance, my blog is up for Best Parenting Blog and I'd love your vote!

  3. i really like this photo, has a special force of beauty in this architecture..thanks a lot for making the moments sharable to our eyes through your blog and i love the work and subjects you have done in your blog...keep up with your wishes..
    by a humble amateur photographer...

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