Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Red toy scarves are good nibbles

To see this photo in a larger size, click here.

Here are Loki (left) and Thor showing off their new toys they received as gifts. Loki's toy is a Santa bear, while Thor's is a moose. The bigger their stuffed toys, the more they like them. And when there are little accessories to chew on, like the red scarves the toys are wearing, all the better.

Unfortunately, besides the accessories on the toys, this photo is a little skimpy on red to be a really good Ruby Tuesday post. But I choose it for other reasons, too -- mainly because it was taken only two weeks ago and it shows both dogs together.

And both dogs are on my mind today for good and bad reasons.

The good reason is it's Thor's birthday. He's 5 years old. Happy Birthday little dude. Let's celebrate many more.

The bad reason is that Loki has a lump over her left eye that she will probably have to have surgically removed on Monday. The lump has me very concerned, but I'll post more about that on my journal blog soon, since it's outside the scope of this photo blog.

Oh, in case you're wondering, it's been two weeks and the stuffed bear and moose are still very much intact. There has been no disemboweling or de-accessorizing yet. Yet.


  1. Oh no, poor Loki, I hope it's nothing serious and just something simple like the equivalent of a ganglion cyst or something.

    And happy birthday to Thor!

  2. beautiful pups :)

    Happy Birthday Thor!

    and I'm sure Loki will be OK :)
    hugs to him

    and you

  3. Awwww...I love that photo. And so glad to hear the bear & moose still have their innards intact, LOL!

    Hope Loki is doing well :)

  4. What sweet puppies! Happy Birthday to Thor. I hope Loki does well with her surgery. I think she will be ok. If you are open to it, here is a link for an Australian healer named Dennis Puffett who offers free healing. He is REALLY gifted... and free... and very kind.


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