Sunday, January 04, 2009

Finding a routine again

Why is it that when I've stepped away from the blog for a little while, it always feels difficult to write that first post again?

Whatever the reason, I'm going to try to quickly jump right back in again.

Holidays were good. Lots of time spent with family and friends. Fun but exhausting. Didn't spend much time on the computer.

All I know is that if the friendly game of Texas Hold'em we played on New Year's Day is any indicator of the year ahead, it could be a good year, since I won that friendly little game.

OK. Good. That first post is out of the way. Let the blogging resume like normal. :)


  1. Welcome back, and good luck with the rest of the year!

  2. Don't feel bad - I just wrote my first entry now, too ...

  3. Welcome back. Glad to hear you had a good holiday.

    Heres to 2009!

  4. Hello, fellow writer!:) How are you doing/

  5. What is it about blogging that you need to be at it constantly to really have a good routine? When I was writing my scheduled posts to go live while I was on holidays, I was on a roll! Writing two, sometimes three posts in one sitting. And now I'm struggling to write a post for the day!

    Welcome back Hales :) I missed you!


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