Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Weather fatigue

I'm getting ready to leave work and start my Christmas holidays. Yay! Except I have to drive through yet another weather event. I heard a term that resonated this morning: weather fatigue.

It's winter and I live in a place known for harsh winters, but even here we get tired of having weather events on top of weather events. It's exhausting, especially when you have to worry about driving in it.

Last Tuesday it was snow. My commute home took more than 3 times what it should have taken. I was lucky to get home so quickly.

Friday morning it was freezing rain/sleet and snow. I didn't go in to work until it had mostly passed, but the roads were still bad. Almost got into an accident while going straight on the expressway. I was in the center lane, and someone merging ahead of me did a 360 that almost put him right into my path.

Saturday night the temperatures plummeted to below zero.

Sunday the wind was so strong, we had wind chill of about -30 degrees Fahrenheit. My shower and closet are on interior walls, but they back up to attic space. Well, my shower froze, but we got it thawed before any damage was done. Out of curiosity, I put a thermometer in my closet, and it read about 20 degrees, which is well below freezing. I think we'll be adding even more insulation to that attic soon.

Last night things finally warmed up, and that's why we're getting more snow.

Good news is that we'll probably have a white Christmas. Bad news is that there's more snow and "wintery mix" in the forecast between now and then.

The photo at the top? That was taken a few minutes ago from a window here at the office. The white background is usually a view of O'Hare airport. If you or someone you know is having trouble flying through Chicago right now, this photo would explain why they're having trouble.

Thanks for reading my little whine. I feel better for having written it. I'll post something more cheery tomorrow.


  1. I hear you with the weather fatigue. I'm ready for this to be over, but it just keeps on coming. I've been working from home since last Thursday and it doesn't look like I'll even have a chance to get to the office until Monday at the earliest.

    But I will be experiencing my first white Yule. So I'm pretty stoked about that.

    Stay warm out there. Happy Holidays!

  2. I'll second that "weather fatigue." Or third it...whatever number we are on right now. Last week it took Mike 5.5 hours to get home from Deerfield to Brookfield. Breaking his all time record of 3.5 hours. We hope this last record sticks and will never be broken.

    Merry Christmas, Haley! We'll all pull through this lovely winter. It will make us appreciate the spring even more when it comes.

  3. Chicago weather is pure evil. Boston's winters are no fun, either, but at least it's not AS cold.


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