Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Little Red Bartender

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Growing up, we had a unique Christmas tradition in my family. Every year, my parents would buy us a battery operated toy. Not a remote-controlled toy, just battery operated. Like little train sets, a dog, a police car, a helicopter. One in particular that I remember was a little bunny that hopped around chasing a carrot. Unfortunately, he, like many of the toys, didn't survive the years.

Part of our tradition was that these toys were always packed up with the Christmas decorations at the end of the season, not to be played with again until next year.

When we grew up and moved out of my parents' house, my Mom divvied up the toys between me and my sister. I still have mine, but haven't added to the collection. I think it's something that's more fun when there are kids around.

This little bartender in the photo was the inspiration for the family tradition. He was my grandfather's and dates to the 1960s. The martini glass and shaker have had to be repaired over the years, but when I last put batteries in him two years ago, he still worked perfectly. He shakes his arm, mixing the drink in the martini shaker, then pours it into the martini glass and takes a sip. Then his face turns red and smoke comes out his ears.

He's also the exception to the rule about the toys getting packed up with the Christmas decorations. I'm afraid to subject him to the heat and cold extremes of our attic, so instead, he resides in his original box in our living room bar. It's where a bartender belongs. :)


  1. I like hearing about wee quirky, lovely family traditions like this. That bunny and carrot chasing sounds like great fun! The barteneder guy doesn't look half bad either;) Have a happy Christmas!

  2. Like you, I wish I still had many of those holiday toys! What a neat tradition! Thanks for sharing! You blog always makes me smile!

  3. I love the little bartender! Merry Christmas!

  4. We wish you a very Merry Christmas! May the holidays be bright and sparkling!

    Purrs and Snuggles from Chica, Pumuckl and Ana - www.chica-pumuckl.blogspot.com

  5. What a neat little toy. I would love to see smoke coming out of his ears! That's very funny.

  6. That is such a great tradition. I wish my parents had been able to keep a lot of my old toys (their families were too poor to have toys of their own) but moving country after country makes it difficult to lug around toys.

    The bartender is awesome and you're so right that he should be in the living room :P Merry Christmas Haley!

  7. Too cute!

    Hope you an your family have a happy holiday season!


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