Thursday, November 13, 2008

That licking sound

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When we were in Melbourne last year, we visited the Australian Centre for the Moving Image where a Pixar Exhibit was going on. I had my old point-and-shoot camera and wasn't attempting any fancy compositions on my images. However, when I posted some of my photos to Flickr, I discovered that when you have a subject as popular as Pixar and Toy Story, you automatically get a lot of views on the photo. Flickr says this is one of my Top 25 most interesting pics, with "interesting" being determined by some secret formula of theirs. It's an oversized panel from a storyboard that was hanging in the ACMI lobby.

I choose this photo today to represent "Sound", which is the theme of the Thursday Challenge this week. I think it's a visual representation of sound in the most primitave sense -- the sound is written down. You might argue that the "Lick Lick Lick" is an action, but I think it's a sound, too.

I'm participating in the Thursday Challenge today with the theme 
"SOUND (MP3 Players, Record Players, Speakers, CDs, Musical Instruments,
Wind Chimes, Singing, Loud Cars or Machines...)".
Click here for more about the Thursday Challenge and to view other participants.


  1. LOL Yeah I deleted all my photos that I hadn't taken that were of celebs or other such entertainment subjects. That must've been a really neat experience... I hope I get to to on a tour of Pixar studios one day!

  2. I agree it's a good illustration for sound! Love the photo..:)


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