Thursday, November 20, 2008

The reading nook

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I have no shortage of hobbies, but yet when the theme for today's Thursday Challenge was announced as Hobbies, I had a hard time coming up with some photos. My quest brought me to my set of photos from my vacation to Breckenridge, Colo., earlier this year.

I thought I could use a photo of us snowboarding, but then realized that the photos of us actually on the snowboards on the mountain aren't mine. A friend took those photos because he was smart enough to pack a small point-and-shoot camera. (Trust me, even if I had better than beginner skills, I wasn't going to risk my nice new DSLR camera on the ski hills. One or both of us would have been hurt.)

I thought I could use a photo of the table setup for us to play World of Warcraft together one evening on the trip. It is kind of amusing to see the three laptops laid out on the dining room table like that, but it just didn't seem like a strong enough photo on its own.

Instead, I opted for this photo of my girlfriend reading a book. I like the way the light is coming in through the window. To me it kind of feels like we're spying on her from a corner of the room, which, trust me, is one of the only ways that she'll let me photograph her.

I'm participating in the Thursday Challenge today with the theme 
"HOBBIES (Gardening, Aquariums, Collections, Games, Woodworking, Photographic Equipment...)".
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  1. It's a reading nook all right..nice photo.

  2. @My Bug Life -- Thanks. :)

  3. Funny. The girl in my TC photo is the same way. She hates being photographed. But since you can't really recognize her she let me use it anyway.

    I like the "voyeuristic" style of this, and the "quiet" that it embodies.

    And the Challenge only said "Hobbies"... didn't say it had to be your hobby! So this shot totally fits the theme. (At least it better, because if it doesn't then neither does mine!)


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