Friday, November 21, 2008

Over-exposed sky

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It's been kind of frustrating the past few weeks. Every time I go out to take photos, I find overcast, blah conditions, with most of the good fall color gone and the leaves fallen. I know that should just make me work harder to find interesting photos, and I think I've found a few, but nothing that I'm excited about for Sky Watch Friday today.

I took this photo on Sunday afternoon after meeting up with Aerten for lunch in downtown Naperville. (We talked for a few hours, had some fun conversations. It was nice to put a real-life face with another blogger.)

This photo was a so-close moment. If I'd gotten the exposure right, you would have been able to see the sun glowing behind clouds in the upper left, and then reflected on the water in the lower left. The reflection worked, but not the sky. But that's what some of these photo excursions are about for me -- practice.

We had a few snow flurries that day, but nothing that stuck. As I was shooting photos along the Riverwalk, I had to keep reminding myself to watch where I was stepping. The ducks might have liked the water, but I think I would have found it a little chilly. :)


  1. The pale sky adds a wonderful contrast with the clearly defined reflections! Beautiful shot!

  2. Magnificent picture indeed - I really like the bridge and sun glowing in the water.

  3. Oh Haley I think this is a fabulous entry. I love the bridge and the angle at which you got the shot. and I always love reflections.

    But, all of the colors of fall have passed here too. so it is difficult to jus walk out and snap a pretty shot with some bright and lovely colors in it.

    But this fantastic!!

    Happy SWF:-)

  4. I love bridges and this photo is a splendid.

  5. Good view of the bridge! I agree...I need alot of practice to get it right too :)

  6. Even though you didn't get this shot just right as far as what you were looking for, I think it came out fantastic and I really like the reflection of the sun in the water.

    I just recently bought a Nikon D60 and am having a heck of a time figuring out how to use it to its potential as it seems that just about every day since I've gotten it, the weather has been lousy or the nice days have fallen on the days I'm at work for 16 hours.

    I get the feeling that it's going to take me the better part of forever to figure this camera out but I'm looking forward to the challenge!

    Perhaps someday I can take pictures as nice as this one!


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