Tuesday, October 07, 2008

You bore me with your camera

To see this photo in a larger size, click here.

This photo is part of my ongoing attempt to desensitize my dogs to my camera. It's working very well. I had the camera only a foot from Loki's face here, and she proceeded to ignore me and fall asleep.

A bonus aspect of this photo is that you can clearly see what company my husband worked for back in the '90s.


  1. LOL Ok, since I'm a cat person... I'm horrible at recognizing dogs. Is this Thor? I love his pose in his photo - the title is perfect!

  2. Thanks! This is actually Loki, but I wouldn't feel bad about not being able to tell them apart. Most people have trouble, even in real life. But me, like a good Mom (yes, I called myself a Mom to my dogs...), I have no trouble telling the difference. The difference are in their bone structure and their markings, which I wouldn't expect most people to be attuned to. Loki has bigger bones with a wider and more solid face, while Thor tends to look more petite by comparison. Also, Loki has less white in her markings. The stripe on her head is narrower, for one. See? Subtle.

  3. What an expression and your title is perfect!
    Great shot.

  4. @Carletta -- Thanks! If I could make my camera dispense treats, I'm sure I'd get much more enthusiasm from the dogs. :)

  5. That's great. And I'm always guessing the commentary of dog's expressions. This one is priceless.

    Good job at getting Loki to ignore the camera. My dog used to get scared and think that it was attacking me. Puppy to the rescue! lol

  6. @Cherie -- Loki has a very expressive face. I get the "I couldn't be bothered" look often when I'm taking photos. I had one dog who hated the camera and would walk away the minute it came out. I finally got a great photo of her through the patio door when she couldn't see what I was doing. These two dogs I have now don't mind, but I think it helps that I don't use the flash much with them.

    @Christy -- Thanks!

  7. What a darling picture!


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