Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Wordless Wednesday: Watching You

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  1. What a gorgeous photo of a gorgeous dog. Swissie?

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  2. @Mojo -- Thanks! And you're VERY close. He's not a Swissie, he's a Bernese Mountain Dog, which is the long-haired version of the Greater Swiss Mountain Dog. The breeds are two of four "sister" mountain dog breeds in Switzerland.

  3. Oh he/she could watch me any day. They are such an awesome breed.

    Hoping to add a dog at the Maher House soon.

  4. oh how precious. Happy WW!


  5. Hi! I'm from flickr! So nice... Beautiful dog! I love this photo, congratulations!

  6. Thanks for you kind comments everyone. It's so much harder to get good close-up shots of Thor. He's not usually as expressive as my other dog, Loki. I was thrilled to finally get one like this of him.


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