Thursday, October 16, 2008

13 random things

1. I'm crampy and a little crabby today, but since I haven't said much in the past week, I'll try to update you on some things I've been thinking and doing.

2. Last weekend was productive, even if our big project was a bit like putting lipstick on a pig. We took our vintage 1970s green bathroom and dressed it up a little bit with paint, and a new light fixture, new towel bars and a new medicine cabinet. It looks much nicer, but the green and white swirls in the sink are still a bit nauseating if you stare at them too long.

3. We also tore out most of the evil bushes on the side of our house. They were growing out of control, plus they have this obnoxious dust that itches and gets in my eyes when I'm doing yard work. Very happy they're gone.

4. We had a new sign installed in our reception area at work yesterday. When I came in today, it had already been torn down. Opps. Someone didn't spell check it. I guess "Blood Mangement" didn't fly too well with the powers that be. Sounds like something that might be contagious.

5. A black Sharpie marker can work wonders. I was *forced* to buy something at a mall store that insists on putting their logo on their clothes in rhinestones. That black Sharpie did an amazing job of toning down the sparkle. I wonder if it will last through the wash?

6. I hate stores with annoyingly restrictive return policies. Fourteen days? Same day exchange only? I can't even get an in-store credit? I can't take that credit to your sister store in the same mall? You've lost me as a return customer. Forever. Don't believe me? Just ask Macy's.

7. I still haven't forgiven Macy's for renaming the State Street Marshall Field's store in Chicago.

8. Did I mention that I am crampy and crabby today? Fibroids. I haz em. Stupid fibroids.(Sorry if that's TMI.)

9. I was supposed to get a mammogram this week. It would have been a perfect writeup for Breast Cancer Awareness month (remember the whole Pink for October thing?), but I had to cancel the appointment. The ritual boob smashing will have to be done another day. I don't know when yet, though.

10. I hate being crabby. I need to snap myself out of it. I think I'll go read some I Can Has Cheezburger and I Has a Hotdog. Or some Daisy the Curly Cat. That always helps.

11. Oh yeah, like I could forget. I have to train most of the office in a new software application next week. Me. Train the office. I've mentioned it several times before, but you may not have noticed: Public speaking makes me really nervous.

12. Yep. Daisy is helping my mood. The fifth photo down really cracks me up, with all the food covering her face. :)

13. Yay! It's lunch time. Thanksgiving Everyday soup. My favorite. The day is definitely looking up.


  1. I hope you feel better. I hate the crampy crabby week. I also hate that it isn't Marshall Fields anymore.

  2. Um.. #8 = scary! Hope you feel better soon.

    LOVE that food photo of Daisy. Have a great weekend Haley!

  3. Oh, I am so happy that I could make you feel a little bit better! That makes me feel very proud inside. I think my mission in life is to make peoples smile. Purrs to you.

  4. Oh I love Daisy too. I've got to drop over myself today and she what she's been up to.

    Hope you get feeling better. This is why I love being periods!!..LOL:-)

  5. Hiya Hales, just wanted to let you know that you've been tagged!! hehe

  6. Thanks everyone for you're comments. I hate making grouchy posts, but I was feeling pretty grouchy that day. You guys helped.

    @Daisy -- You bring sunshine to a lot of people. I have one non-blogging friend in particular who visits you regularly for a pick-me-up. I think I need to visit your store and get her a Daisy Christmas present.

    @Fragileheart -- Thanks for the tag!


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