Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Tea* Cup meme

Laura at That Grrl posed this question: What's your favourite cup for coffee or tea? Post a photo if you can. Let's make it a meme. Post your cup photo and pass it on to someone else.

*Laura called this the Coffee Cup meme, but I've renamed it the Tea Cup meme, since you'll never find coffee in a cup I'm drinking out of. :P

This is my current favorite tea cup at home. Jules purchased it while on a trip to Germany at Sanssouci, the former estate of Frederick the Great, King of Prussia.

She liked it not just because of the pretty estate pictured on it, but also because it shows the "Sans Souci" name, which means "without worry", and "suum cique", which means "to each his own". Plus, it fits her grandmother's definition of a proper tea cup: thinner porcelain with a fluted drinking edge.

The teacup I use at work was a holiday gift from a coworker, which explains its Christmas design. While the porcelain is thicker, it does have a fluted drinking edge that Jules' grandmother would approve of.

Speaking of fluted drinking edges, the teacup below has one too. While I wouldn't call it my favorite, it does amuse me and sometimes I choose it just because I'm feeling a little cheeky. Wilko and Lesley bought it for me after I dared to request some royal memorabilia from the most recent royal wedding. Come on, take a closer look at it and glory in its tackiness -- the grainy photos, the poor aesthetics, the typos. It just makes me warm and tingly sometimes.

Want to participate in this meme? Consider yourself tagged and jump right in. Leave me a comment to let me know you decided to play, or go leave Laura a comment, or leave one for each of us. :P


  1. Pretty cool to see someone else taking up the Coffee/ Tea Cup meme. :) I still love the look of my cup but the story isn't nearly as interesting.

  2. Since moving to Texas, I haven't enjoyed a hot cup of anything :(

    And I looooove the first tea cup. It's gorgeous!

  3. Karina9/24/2008

    Interesting idea. Sadly my own coffee cup is just a beer mug...so no interesting story to be had. Unless you consider drinking coffee by the pint to get overcaffinated interesting.


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