Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Reflections of the Australian Hotel

To see this photo in a larger size, click here.

Technically speaking, this photos has some issues, but I like it anyway.

I took this in Sydney, Australia, during our family vacation in 2007. We were wandering around The Rocks section of the city, which is a really old area of town at the base of the Sydney Harbour Bridge, when we came across this pub called the Australian Hotel. While my husband sampled the huge varieties of beer, I had some fun with my camera. This photo is looking over the bar. In the mirror, you can see me taking the photo, along with the rest of my family.

This photo was used with permission in the fourth edition of our Schmap Sydney Guide. You can see the online version here, and the iPhone version here.

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  1. I know what you mean, but I like this picture too. I especially love that I can see you taking the picture!

    I've had photos used for the Dublin and Toronto Schamp guides too, it's pretty cool!


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