Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Doodle Sloth

doodle sloth

Happy Doodle Week everyone. We're midway through this week with its theme of the Seven Deadly Sins.

To represent today's theme of sloth, I doodled my desk, which is covered in books, papers and half-finished drinks waiting to be emptied so I can dispose of them. Even the recycle bin needs emptying. Slothful indeed.

For more about Doodle Week and to find other Doodle Week participates, visit the Doodle Week website.

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  1. Karina9/24/2008

    Sloth gets a bad rap.....I think Sloth needs an advocacy group to help its reputation.

    (Did I also mention I'm avoiding work as I type this. So your Sloth Theme is promoting my slothy behavior. Woa...I gotta sit down after that. Wait, I am. Okay, I'll quit messing around and get back to work. Thanks for the distraction though. Perused the blog as a distraction. You're blog is proof you are like a fine wine, Haley, just getting better in time. Even after all these years.)


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