Saturday, September 27, 2008

Doodle Pride

Today is the last day of the September edition of Doodle Week, with the theme Pride, which is one of the Seven Deadly Sins. I went with a rather straight-up interpretation of pride being vanity.

(Aside: Does anyone else think that my Vanity Girl might have a little hair-loss going on? Kind of looks that way to me. Seems a little thin around the top of the head.)

And now that the week is over, I can share my big combined doodle, featuring all of my doodles from the past week.

Stay tuned for Doodle Week in October, which I would expect will happen near the end of the month and feature a lot of Halloween-related themes. I'm just guessing. Could be wrong.

(You do know that everyone is invited to play along, right? You don't have to follow the themes or participate every day. And, obviously, you don't even have to be talented at drawing! Check out the Doodle Week website for more information.)


  1. Thanks for your participation in September's Doodle Week!
    Great doodles!

    Yep, October's themes will be coming up soon!
    Manic Mo

  2. I like your doodle week combination. I think the hair loss is just temporary. A little extra pencil and she'll be just fine.


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