Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Wordless Wednesday: Birthday

My husband turns 40 this week. In honor of his birthday, I pulled this photo out of the scrapbook. This is from the surprise party I threw him on his 18th birthday. Yes, 22 years ago. In my parents' basement.

Here he is hamming it up right after recovering from the surprise.

Happy Birthday Dave!

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  1. Happy Birthday! I bet he hasn't changed a bit ;)

  2. Indeed. Happy Birthday!

    I love old photos. Brings back so much memories.

    Happy WW!

  3. Wow. Your husband is hot. Happy Birthday Dave! =D

  4. Happy birthday to your hubby! Love the feathered hair! Were you high school sweethearts?

  5. Happy Birthday to Dave!

  6. What a fun photo. And happy birthday to Dave!

  7. Thanks everyone for the birthday wishes for Dave. I'll pass them along to him.

    @Angela -- He really hasn't changed much at all. Maybe 20 pounds heavier. Oh, and he shaves his head, too.

    @Cathy -- I love old photos, too. I guess that's why I have VOLUMES of old photo albums laying around.

    @fragileheart -- That's it. Feed his ego!

    @Jody -- Yes, we started dating in high school. Went to college together, too. I think he used more hair product than I did back then. I was a minimalist girl even in the 80s. No one has commented on it, but that's 17-year-old me standing behind him.

    @Daisy -- Thanks. I'll pass it on.

    @Caroline -- Thanks!

  8. I knew that was you and was going to say cute jean skirt!

  9. Anonymous7/23/2008

    aw, a sweet photo and memories! :-) Happy Birthday to Dave!

  10. @Haley: haha I thought it might be but also thought maybe you weren't pointing it out for a reason. You two look so good together. Seriously though. HOT hubby. hahaha Ok I'll stop.

  11. @Jody -- Thanks, but I think I had raided my sister's closet that day (with permission, of course!). I'm pretty sure that shirt was hers.

    @starbursidereus -- Thanks! And I'll pass on the birthday wishes.

    @fragileheart -- LOL. I wasn't deliberately avoiding mentioning it. I was trying to give you guys something to comments on. :) And thanks!

  12. happy wordless wednesday... :)

    mine is up as well

  13. Happy Birthday Dave!!!

  14. karina7/24/2008

    Happy Birthday, Dave...even if it's a late birthday greeting! I hope you are still a ham, BTW. Good for the soul.

    Haley, that one freaked me out this morning! Has it been that long ago? That picture brings back a whole lotta memories. Remember the pretzel fight we had down there once? they vex a person....

  15. @Vhiel -- Happy Wordless Wednesday to you too.

    @Mama Grizzly -- Yes. I did get him that day.

    @Monique -- I'll pass along the birthday wishes.

    @Karina -- You were at that party! I have photographic proof of you hanging some of the lovely streamers in the photo. And I do remember cleaning up that pretzel fight, can't remember what party it was, though. Probably in junior high. I'll pass on the birthday greeting to Dave. :)

  16. How fun is that! You're fortunate to be able to continue celebrating together.
    Happy Birthday Dave!!

  17. @MamaFlo -- I like that sentiment, that we're still able to celebrate together. And I'll pass along the birthday wishes.


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