Tuesday, July 22, 2008

We have a winner

10,000 visits!

Claire at A Little Piece of Me wins the 1,000 Entrecredits for sending me a screen print with the Sitemeter showing 10,000 hits. I'm transferring the credits right now.

Thank you Claire.

Here's her screen capture (click to enlarge):

Here's a print screen of my Sitemeter report. Claire's visit is circled. The visit below her was the actual 10,000th visitor -- someone visiting from Lacrosse, Wis.

Thanks to everyone who played along with me. That was fun for a few minutes. (A special thank you to that mystery person who'd been refreshing for the past hour trying to capture the magical number.)


  1. Congrats Claire!!!!!!

    And congrats again for getting to 10,000 hits!

  2. Woot!!!!

    God who was sad enough to refresh that page a few times?

    /shuffles feet and whistles.

    I am preparing my interview questions now :)

  3. Congrats to Claire!

  4. @Monique -- You were sooooo close yourself at 10,001. Thanks for playing my game. :)

    @Claire -- I have to confess that I saw this type of contest performed by one of my favorite bloggers (BigRedKitty.net) when his site hit 1 million. He had so many people refreshing, he pretty much broke his server. And, yes, I was contributing to that server meltdown. I missed the big number by 2, I think. Thanks for playing with me. Now I'm off to answer some of those questions!

    @Periapex -- I agree. Congrats to Claire!

  5. Congratulations to Claire and your 10,000 Visitors Haley!!! Thanks for visiting out blog!
    Your FL furiends,

  6. D'oh! I missed it!! hahaha Congrats Claire :) And Congrats Haley!! 10,000 woo hoo!!

  7. @Samantha & Mr. Tigger -- Thanks.

    @Fragileheart -- I wish you hadn't missed it. I know you were there on Sunday night, checking to see if I'd hit the number then. It would have been even more fun then. A perfect trifecta. :)


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