Thursday, June 19, 2008

Fun with polls: What do you read?

Just for fun, I posted a poll in the sidebar at right posing the question: If you could only read one type/genre of book, what would you read?

Take a moment and give me a quick answer. I'm curious to see how the numbers work out at the end of the week.

Update 6-23-08: Apologies for forgetting historical fiction and horror as possible answers.


  1. Has to be sci-fi. Nothing else is quite so expansive and can cover anything from banal humour through to political satire while still remaining true to the genre.

  2. How in the world can you pick just ONE?? Arrrggghhh!!!! I can't do it.

    I need a button that says All of the Above. :)

  3. I struggled to pick one, I will say which one it was when you do a post on the results :)

  4. @Mark -- I could see that about Sci-Fi. But I'd have to argue that the same is true with the Romance genre. :P

    @Kelly -- But you have to decide. That's the point of the question!!! LOL

    @Claire -- If you guess is what I think it is, that was a bold choice. :)

  5. @Claire -- Turns out your guess is not what I thought it was. Now I have no clue!


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